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The Hypno Hub hosts a variety of community events & offers venue hire to the healing practitioners.


Tarot Readings


Book Club

Shamanic Drum Circles




Music Nights

Chakra Healing

Sound Healing

Mantra Nights

Tarot Readings

with Linda Grundy-Barrett

Linda has her tarot cards ready for deep spiritual readings with support of her guides to give you clear guidance on important questions. These readings are by appointment only, so give us a call today.

HeartnSoul Guidance

with Susy Bodilly

Life Direction & Soul Purpose – 4 Hour Workshop

Creative Art & Wellness Workshop

with Fiona George

Connecting to your emotional and awaking your spiritual well-being.  Feeling safe more relaxed and sense of peace. Meditation and journaling your feelings down will give you a safe outlet for negative emotions. This will then give you creativity to create artwork.

Complementary afternoon tea is provided, please supply your own lunch, there are Cafe’s locally.

Group Bookings of ten adults are allowed with social distancing in place.

Please complete your details online for payment Direct Deposit.

Payment due 9th February 2022 non-refundable, you may transfer to another date.

Gypsy Dreaming

Psychic Fair

Experienced Psychic Tarot Readers and Lightworkers will be gathered in Toronto for two days only to provide insightful illuminating tarot readings for everyone who wishes to attend. Tickets are limited and bookings are essential.

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Experience the combined Energy of 8 Psychic Energy Healers all together in the magical Hypno Hub venue for this Elevated Rich Spiritual Event

Weekly Activity

@ The Hypno Hub

Mantra Night Sessions

Music Night Sessions

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Local Social Tribes,
Special Interest Tribes,
Women's Empowerment
Courses, Classes,
and Events.


Prem uses sound, voice, music and harmonic frequency waves to elevate the vibration of love and creativity in all souls! Connecting us all harmoniously to ourselves, each other, nature and the divine Universe.


Helping people connect to their ‘Core’, Giving you tools to follow your dreams or find that inner peace, Tailored sessions unique to every individual, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Shadow work, Master your Mind/Self Mastery Practitioner
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